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Sample Requests, Allocations and Loans

Sample Accountability & Inventory

Annual inventories will be requested of all PIs by the NASAJSC Astromaterials Curation office. Each PI will receive a listing of samples in his/her name to verify. Samples with expired/expiring loans should be returned. The inventory must be signed by the PI and witnesses by a security representative or a representative of the Institution. Use of the collection for research purposes is the highest priority, and cooperation of PIs in use and return, and accounting for samples is critical. PIs that do not respond to inventory queries by the NASA Curator will not continue to receive samples from the collection.

Publication of Results and Acknowledgements

When publishing results of your research, please include the split numbers used in the research.

We also request that scientists use the following acknowledgement statement when reporting the results of their research in peer reviewed journals: "US Antarctic meteorite samples are recovered by the Antarctic Search for Meteorites (ANSMET) program which has been funded by NSF and NASA, and characterized and curated by the Department of Mineral Sciences of the Smithsonian Institution and Astromaterials Curation Office at NASA Johnson Space Center." Such an acknowledgement will broaden the awareness of the funding mechanisms that make this program and these samples possible.


Please provide journal reprints in PDF form, reporting results of your research on the Antarctic meteorite samples, to the NASAJSC Antarctic Meteorite Curation staff (Cecilia Satterwhite or Kevin Righter). The information in your publications can be used to support sample compendium, and help define the unique properties of any particular meteorite.