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Sample Requests, Allocations and Loans

How to Prepare a Sample Request

An electronic request form must be filled out for any Antarctic meteorite sample. All necessary information should be typed on the electronic form, although informative attachments are welcome (examples: Reprints of publication that explain rationale, flow diagrams for analyses, etc.).

Click ELECTRONIC FORM to download and edit in Microsoft Word®.

Information Required for Making a Sample Request:

  • Each request should accurately refer to meteorite samples by their respective identification numbers. The sample identification numbers are provided in the most current full Sample Listing, the Classification Database, or can be found in the Antarctic Meteorite Newsletters
  • Each request should provide detailed scientific justification for the proposed research.
  • Each request should explain the specific requirements for the samples, such as sizes or weights, particular locations (if applicable) within individual specimens, or special handling or shipping procedures. For meteorites that are small, of rare type, or are on the special list because of their unusual properties, it is very important that all requests specify both the optimum amount of material needed for the study and the minimum amount of material that can be used.
  • Each request must explicitly state all planned destructive procedures. For thin and thick sections, this includes ion probe, laser ablation, etching, and repolishing.
  • Consortium requests should list all members in the consortium, and explain their roles.
  • Each AMAP meeting has a deadline for submitting requests so that the committee has the information needed to make informed decisions. Any request received after the deadline may be delayed until the following AMAP meeting. For the latest sample request deadline, see SUBMISSION DEADLINE.
  • Please note that the form has signature blocks. These should be used only if the form is sent via postal service to us. See How to submit sample requests (next step) for information about submitting sample requests.