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In anticipation of the arrival of the Dawn spacecraft at asteroid 4 Vesta in August 2011, we would like to highlight some of the samples in our collection that are thought to be from 4 Vesta. The howardite, eucrite and diogenite meteorites (HED) are all thought to be derived from 4 Vesta.

Here we present an introductory chapter describing the meteorites and the way they have been linked to 4 Vesta.  We also present detailed summaries of several HED meteorites both from classic falls (Bununu, Johnstown, Moore County, Pasamonte, and Stannern) and also from our collection of Antarctic meteorites (PCA 91007, EETA79002, EET 87503 / 87513, ALH 76005 and pairs).

There are many HED meteorites and we cannot cover them all, but in the coming months we will be adding sample summaries as they are finished.

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