Meteorite Sample Requests

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Sample Requests, Allocations and Loans

Receiving Samples

Sample Allocation

Once a sample request is approved, and a loan agreement is in place, allocation of materials can generally be made within several months following the AMAP meeting. Chips from the meteorite processing lab can be prepared within 2 to 4 months. Thin sections that are already available in the collection can be sent within a month. New thin sections may take up to 6 months to prepare, depending on demand.

Sample Receipt

For individual samples, an Antarctic Meteorite Sample Assignment form will be issued with the sample, for each PI to sign for that specific sample. There is no addition paperwork, other than the annual inventory process.

Sample Security and Storage

An Antarctic Meteorite sample PI is responsible for the control and safeguarding of all Antarctic Meteorite samples consigned to his/her custody. The elements of an appropriate security plan for Antarctic Meteorites include maintenance of an inventory log, keeping Antarctic Meteorite samples under supervision, keeping Antarctic Meteorite samples under the control of the PI and/or his designee. In no case may Astromaterials on loan from NASA, including Antarctic Meteorite samples, be stored with money, precious stones or minerals, classified material, or any other item that is considered to be of high theft value.

Sample Transfer between Investigators

Sample transfers between approved investigators are permitted in the following situations: (1) if this has been pre-approved, i.e. was part of the original approved sample allocation request; and (2) if the sample transfer is part a new investigation/request that has been reviewed and approved by the MSG. The PI remains responsible for the security and prompt return of samples (to the PI) after the collaborator is done with the measurements and samples.