Astromaterials Curation Personnel

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Curation Personnel

Name Title Employer Phone
Judith Allton Genesis Curator NASA 281-483-5766
Kimberly Allums-Spencer Genesis Sample Processor JETS/Jacobs 281-483-9311
Ronald Bastien Engineer JETS/Jacobs 281-483-5084
Debra Baxter Curation Data Archivist JETS/Jacobs 281-483-7432
Mary Sue Bell Scientist JETS/Jacobs 281-483-5046
Erika Blumenfeld Conservation and Imaging Specialist JETS/Jacobs 281-483-4396
Michael Calaway Scientist JETS/Jacobs 281-483-8746
Daniel Coleff Micro-XCT Laboratory Manager JETS/HX5 281-483-0576
Jose Falcon Facility Manager JETS/Jacobs 281-483-2562
Marc Fries Advanced Curation, Cosmic Dust Curator NASA 281-244-1455
Rachel Funk Antarctic Meteorite Sample Processor JETS/Jacobs 281-244-5791
Carla Gonzalez Astromaterials Sample Processor JETS/Jacobs 281-483-0669
Andrea Harrington Mars Sample Curator NASA 281-483-7054
Roger Harrington Astromaterials Sample Processor JETS/UTAS 281-483-3792
Jeremy Kent Apollo Sample Processor JETS/Jacobs 281-244-0556
Charis Hall Krysher Apollo Sample Processor JETS/Jacobs 281-244-2381
Mary Luckey Education/Data Center/Security NASA 281-483-3154
Nicole Lunning OSIRIS-REx Sample Curator NASA 281-244-9923
Kathleen McBride Astromaterials Sample Processor JETS/Jacobs 281-483-3042
Francis McCubbin Astromaterials Curator NASA 281-483-5126
Bridget McInturff K-12 Education Disk Program Specialist JETS/Jacobs 281-483-3870
Julie Mitchell Curator, Ices and Organics/JSC Planetary Protection Officer NASA 281-483-2925
Andrea Mosie Apollo Sample Processor JETS/GeoControl 281-483-5769
Lina Mueller Application Developer JETS/Jacobs 281-483-5122
Keiko Nakamura-Messenger Planetary Scientist, Coordinated Analysis NASA 281-244-5027
Aaron Regberg Biological Analog Sample Curator NASA 281-483-7243
Kevin Righter Deputy, Meteorite/OSIRIS-REx Curator NASA 281-483-5125
Melissa Rodriguez Astromaterials Sample Processor JETS/GeoControl 281-483-2488
Cecilia Satterwhite Antarctic Meteorite Sample Processor JETS/Jacobs 281-483-6776
Carol Schwarz Project Manager / Alt. Group Manager JETS/Jacobs 281-483-5124
Todd Smith Application Developer JETS/HX5 281-483-2525
Christopher Snead Advanced Curation Processor JETS/Jacobs 281-483-4259
Daniella Velasquez University Thin Section Specialist JETS/Jacobs 281-483-2254
Linda Watts Astromaterials Sample Processor JETS/Barrios 281-483-5770
Kimberly Willis Group Manager JETS/Oceaneering 281-244-1215
Ryan Zeigler Manager, Apollo Curator NASA 281-244-6923
Michael Zolensky Hayabusa, Stardust, Microparticle Impact Curator NASA 281-483-5128