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Lunar and Meteorite Petrographic Thin Section Program

COVID-19 Update : February 1, 2020

JSC is happy to announce the recommencement of our Lunar and Meteorite Petrographic Thin Section Program. We would like to extend a thank you to our borrowers for their patience with any necessary changes due to COVID-19. As we work diligently to adapt to our new normal we ask that you email any requests to

Colleges and Universities

Petrographic Thin Section Packages containing 12 polished thin sections of samples from either the Lunar or Meteorite collections are provided to colleges and universities having a curriculum in the geosciences. Each set of 12 slides is accompanied by a sample disk of representative lunar or meteorite samples, embedded in acrylic disks suitable for classroom use, and teaching materials. The thin section package is intended for use in college and university courses in petrology and microscopic petrography for advanced geology students. The loan period is very strict and limited to two weeks.

For further information or questions, please contact the Lunar and Meteorite Petrographic Thin Section Education Program Specialist.