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Lunar Petrographic Thin Section Set

Each Package includes a lunar thin section set consisting of 12 polished sections of rocks and soils, specifically selected to represent the lunar collection. The samples represented in this set are listed on the table below. Click on the sample number to see a description of the sample from the Lunar Petrographic Thin Section Set Study Guide, written by Dr. Charles Meyer along with photos and links to associated resources and references.

Sample Number Mission Rock Classification
12002 Apollo 12 Mare Basalt
12005 Apollo 12 Mare Basalt
77017 Apollo 17 Mare Basalt
74220 Apollo 17 Mare Basalt
60025 Apollo 16 Plutonic
78235 Apollo 17 Plutonic
14305 Apollo 14 Breccia
65015 Apollo 16 Breccia
72275 Apollo 17 Breccia
68501 Apollo 16 Lunar Regolith
70181 Apollo 17 Lunar Regolith
15299 Apollo 15 Lunar Regolith