Lunar Sample Disks

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Lunar Disk Sample Descriptions and Photos

Lunar sample disks contain six lunar samples. Each disk has a different set of samples from each of the following types of material:

  • Basalt: Solidified lava found in the dark lowland mare or "seas".
  • Breccia: Rocks made of fragments of other rocks that were broken and welded during collisions between the Moon and meteorites.
  • Highland Soil: Fragments composing this soil are from the breakup of highlands rocks by meteorites.
  • Anorthosite: White rock consisting of feldspar crystals. Predominate rock of the lunar highlands.
  • Mare Soil: Most of these grains were produced by meteorites hitting lunar basalt.
  • Orange Soil: Volcanic ash from a lunar eruption 3.5 billion years ago. Recovered by Apollo 17 astronauts.
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